Our Mission & Values

Camp-a-Palooza Mission

At Camp-a-Palooza, we envision a world where children grow up happy, engrained with a positive self-image. We strive to connect our campers with their peers and the larger community. We encourage personal growth in each child by providing an excellent program facilitated by nurturing and highly trained staff. Anchored in the safe and supportive community of Kids First, each camper and staff member will have fun, feel valued for who they are and develop a sense of belonging. In short, we aim to enrich lives and change the world. 

Our Values

1. Positive Self-Image and Self-Esteem

Camp is a place that encourages positive growth. For our staff, that means the children always come first. It also means our staff are trained to focus on the needs of the individual child - to know and value all children for their unique talents and qualities. We promote independence, growth and self-esteem. One can continue to learn, no matter your age. We challenge each person as individuals. We aim to build confidence and self-respect as well as our future camp leaders. 

2. Caring Community

You will learn the true value of community while at camp. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual but also realize the similarities we have in needs. Camp provides children with a community of caring adults rooted in building friendships amongst the campers and working together towards our unifying mission.

3. Fun!

Enthusiasm and a positive attitude at camp help yield an environment of fun. Dress up days, field trips, talent shows and hanging out with friends bring with it smiles and laughter.

4. Excellence in Camp and in Life

We strive for the best and encourage others to do the same. Camp requires a great deal of cooperation and a positive attitude. Safety is kept as our top priority. We encourage our campers to make decisions that will bring them joy and harmony throughout their lives. 

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