What Happens in the "Off-Season?"

December 6, 2017

When camp's over, we do our happy dance and get the next nine months off, right?

{I wish...!}


At Kids First, we take a one to two week break and then it is full steam ahead! We take the "off-season" to evaluate programming, our staff, field trips, entertainment, organizational structure, philosophy and more. It's time to adjust what went right, what could be done better and get busy planning the next summer of fun. 


When camp ends in August, we usually take a short break and immediately get to working on our upcoming summer. Our brochure goes to print in January so field trips, pricing, specialty and venture camp options, LIT and CIT options and everything about summer has to actually be decided 6 months before camp begins (only 3 months after a previous summer has ended!). 


In our department, we also handle the special events at Kids First (including our Halloween event Spook-A-Palooza, New Year's Eve Family Game Night and our winter Playhouse show productions) as well as planning, staffing and executing our Fall Break and Holiday Camps! In between all of the special events and seasonal camp planning, we throw in the summer camp details and planning. When January hits, we wrap up the final details on summer camp (pricing, themes, field trips, specialty and venture camps, LIT and CIT field trips and options) and send the brochure to print!


Now, we relax for a few months, right?


{Again, I wish...} 


We have a marketing plan and schedule, camp fairs to attend, LIT and CIT's to interview and select, staffing to interview and select, training of our staff {{Did you know our camp counselors each train for 25-30 hours before camp even begins?}}, shirts and promotional items to order, websites to update, social media promotions to run and much, much more! 


As camp people, our job never really ends. One of my responsibilities as the Camp Department Leader at Kids First Sports Center is "Constant Change, Growth and Innovation" ~ a tenet that I take to heart! I am constantly working to improve on every facet of our camp experience and we hope that shines through! 


We hope you're enjoying your "off-season" as much as we are. I can't wait to have our camp staff back in town for the holidays. Camp is right around the corner and we can't wait to let you in on all our secrets and things we've been working on. 


We love that you are a part of our Camp-A-Palooza family. 


Best Wishes,




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