Week 1: Pioneer Village

June 11, 2019

This week was our first week of camp for Summer 2019!  To kickoff camp, we had our first assembly of the summer.  We have assemblies every week on Monday morning and Friday afternoon.  When we have an assembly, all the grades come together and participate in an activity that follows the week's theme.  Usually each grade picks a counselor and kid to represent them.  The main goal of the assembly is to get all the grades involved.  At our first assembly, the counselors and the kids played a game of Gold Rush.  The kids led the blind-folded counselors to a bucket where they had to search for the gold.  This Assembly was a great way to start camp for the season!


Later in the week, we gave the kids a chance to play Gold Rush with their grades.  The kids were split up into four teams and they would have to run to the middle to collect the gold and the colored foam.  They had to collect the foam that was the same color as their hula hoop.  The team with the most gold and foam would win!


On Wednesday, we had our first field trip of the summer at Castle Skateland!  The kids were able to skate with their friends, siblings and counselors while listening to music.  Also, the kids were able to play a game just like musical chairs but with dice.  Everyone had to skate around the six different sides of the dice and when the music stops, they all had to find a side of the dice to stand by.  Then someone roles a large dice and if the dice lands on the side you are standing at, then you are out of the game.  The last few people left in the game won a prize at the prize stand!


This week, we also had our first Karate Class of the summer!  The kids were able to learn how to kick and punch using the mats.  The also learned how to block using a noodle! Thanks to Nishime Family Karate for our fun lesson this week!


One of the crafts that the kids did this week was Mine Paintings!  They used a piece of black/grey construction paper and painted it with gold paint.  Also, the kids were able to use puff balls to decorate their paintings!


Fridays are our specialty at camp!  At lunch, the kids ate Chick-fil-A nuggets, fruit and chips.  After lunch, they were able to have Kona Ice.  They got to choose a couple flavors from the truck and mix them together.  One combo that is really good is Tiger's Blood and Cherry.  Also, the kids were able to go on the Slip-N-Slide in the backyard.  The kids had so much fun spraying water and soap on the Slip-N-Slide so they can go down it super fast!


To end our first week of camp, we had an assembly on Friday.  The counselors had to race through an obstacle course with a wagon.  The cool thing about this assembly was that the kids were able to decorate their grades wagon earlier in the week. The counselor that completed the obstacle course in the shortest amount of time won.  6th/7th won the race!




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