Week 2: Animal Adventures

June 13, 2019

Happy 2nd week of camp!  Since this weeks theme was Animal Adventures, we decided to play an animal game for our Monday morning Assembly.  We played Animal Charades.  How this game worked was a counselor was blind-folded and they had to listen to the animal noise their partner was making across the room.  The counselor had to walk across the room and find their partner.  The group that found each other first won!


On Monday's we do a Food Craft!  This week the kids were able to make a black bear out of a chocolate donut or a polar bear out of a powdered sugar donut.  They were able to use candy eyes, Cheerios for the ears and icing to stick on the nose made out of a chocolate chip!


One of the games that our kiddos played this week was Hungry, Hungry Hippos!  There were four teams and each team had to get the most foam pieces.  One team member had to lay on their stomach's and another team member would push them on the scooter to the middle.  The person lying on the scooter used a hula hoop to get as many pieces of foam as they could.  The team with the most pieces of foam won!


On Tuesday, K-2nd went on a field trip to Parky's Farm!  They were able to go on a wagon ride, play on the barnyard play set, and see a lot of animals!


3rd-7th are given the option to choose an activity from various activities in the afternoon!  This is called Choice.  One of the options was French Club led by our 4th grade counselor Nicole.  She decided to recreate one of Monet's paintings "San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk" with chalk.  This was an awesome idea and the kiddos did an amazing job! 

Another game that the kids played this week was Guess The Animal!  The object of the game was to guess the animal that was taped on their backs.  The kid who had the animal taped to their back was able to ask questions to try and guess their animal!


On Wednesday 5th-7th went to Scene75 and on Thursday 3rd-4th went to Scene75!  The kids played arcade games, laser tag, bowling and mini golf.  After they played the arcade games, they were able to exchange their tickets for prizes at the prize stand!


This week the kids participated in a Basketball Class!  They learned how to dribble, shoot and pass!  Also, they played basketball games.  Specifically, 1st grade played a game where two kids would run to grab their basketball and dribble to the hoop to make a basket.  The first person who made the shot won!


It's Friday and you know what that means!  It's Slip-N-Slide and Kona Ice Day!  The kids loved going down the Slip-N-Slide super fast and asking their friends which Kona Ice flavor they should choose.  Friday's are always the best day of camp!


Also on Friday, we had Honey Hill Farms come to camp for a petting zoo!  This was the first time a petting zoo has ever been to camp!  All the kids were able to pet and feed 20 different animals.  The kids had so much fun playing with the animals!


To end the 2nd week of camp, we had our final Assembly on Friday afternoon!  The kids chose a jar of baby food and then they had to feed it to their counselors.  Some of the flavors were butternut squash, ham, turkey, kale and prunes.  The counselors had no idea what was coming!


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