Week 3: Superheroes

June 19, 2019

Happy 3rd Week of Camp!  It's Superheroes Week and we started off the week playing Superhero Charades at our Monday Morning Assembly.  The kids had to act out a Superhero and then everyone else had to guess what it was.  Some Superheroes the kids acted out were Flash, The Hulk, Spiderman and Super Man!


Also on Monday we made a Food Craft!  The kiddos made Hulk Rice Krispie Treats.  They used green icing, chocolate sprinkles for the hair and candy eyes.  Let's just say there were some green mouths!


Another fun activity that we did this week was a Yoga Class.  Ms. Pooja came in to teach the kids some awesome yoga moves.  Since it was Superheroes Week, Ms. Pooja taught the kiddos Superhero moves!


One of our specialty games at camp is Gaga!  How you play Gaga is by hitting the ball with your hands and trying to hit other people's feet.  If the ball hits someone's feet then they are out.  The last person in the game wins!  Another game that we played this week was Human Pinball.  The kids and the counselors had to stand in a circle facing outwards.  They would have to bend down and hit the ball with their hands between their legs.  The goal was to try to hit the kid in the middle of the circle.  When the person in the middle got hit, they were out and a new person went into the middle!


This week's field trip was at Adrenaline Entertainment!  K-2nd went on Tuesday, 5th-7th went on Wednesday and 3rd-4th went on Thursday.  They had so much fun jumping on trampolines and playing in the foam pits!