Week 4: Star Wars

June 24, 2019

At our Assembly on Monday morning we played two different games!  Since it was Star Wars Week, K-3rd played Find Your Star Wars Character and 4th-7th had a Lightsaber Duel.  This was an awesome way to start of the week!


Also on Monday we had a Food Craft!  The kiddos were able to make Lightsaber Sugar Cookies.  First, they would put chocolate icing on the cookie.  Then, they dipped two pretzels in vanilla icing and then covered them with colored sprinkles.  Finally, they would put the pretzels on the cookie.  There was chocolate icing all over the kids faces!


An activity that the older kids played this week was Princess Leia's Rescue!  The kids had to run to save Princess Leia, but they could only run when a counselor said "GO" and they had to stop when a counselor said "STOP."  Once the kids reached her, Princess Leia had to run to the other side of the room while being chased by Darth Vader!  If Princess Leia made it across the room without being tagged by Darth Vader, then she won!  However, if Darth Vader tagged Princess Leia before she reached the wall, then Princess Leia had to go back to the beginning!


On Tuesday, K-2nd went on a field trip to Jump & Jack's!  The kids had an awesome time climbing on the Rock Wall, playing on the play sets and going down the slides.  They were also able to jump in the Bouncy Houses!