Week 5: Harry Potter

July 1, 2019

To start off Harry Potter Week, we played Quidditch at the Monday Morning Assembly!  The LITs and Counselors used pool noodles as magic flying brooms, dodgeballs as the Bludger and Quaffle, and a small ball as the Golden Snitch!  It was a fun way to start off the week!


On Food Craft Monday, we made Butter Beer!  The kiddos used vanilla ice cream, butterscotch, cream soda and whipped cream.  They kids had some white mustaches!


Also for Harry Potter Week, the kids were able to attend a Potion Class!  They were able to watch the counselors make two different kinds of potions: The Helious Potion and The Seer's Milk!


On Tuesday, K-2nd went to EnterTRAINment Junction for the field trip!  They had so much fun going through the train museum, playing on the play set, going on a train ride, walking through the fun houses and meeting Santa!


Another fun activity that the kids did this week was Gardening with Mr. Marty!  They learned how to plant different kinds of seeds.  Some of the seeds the kids were able to plant were tomato, cucumber, pumpkin and squash.  We cannot wait to see how great the garden will be at the end of the summer!