Week 6: Summer Celebrations

July 8, 2019

Happy Summer Celebrations Week!  At our Assembly on Monday Morning, the counselors had an eating contest.  They were given two food options.  They could either eat ice cream with mayonnaise, whipped cream and sprinkles or they could eat a donut filled with mayonnaise.  DJ from 2nd grade and Lily from 4th grade won the contest!




Since this week was Summer Celebrations Week, we celebrated a different holiday each day!  On Monday we celebrated Christmas.  For their Food Craft, they were able to decorate Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies!  They used icing, Twizzlers, M&Ms, marshmallows and chocolate chips!  There were some chocolate faces!


On Tuesday we celebrated Halloween!  One of the games the kiddos got to play was Mummy Your Counselor!  The kids used green, purple and orange streamers to wrap their counselors and make them look like mummies.  The kids did a great job!


Another Halloween game that we played on Tuesday was What's in the Bag?!  Every grade had to guess what was in each bag.  The options were eyes, brains, guts and fingers!  The had so much fun guessing!


On Wednesday all the grades from camp went to Crossgate Lanes!  The kids and counselors had an awesome time bowling and hanging out with their friends!


Also on Wednesday our LITs went to Crayons 2 Computers to volunteer!  They organized and sorted school supplies that teachers can use in their classroom.  Thanks for all your hard work LITs!


On Thursday it was Fourth of July!  We did not have camp that day so we hope that everyone had a great and safe day with their friends and families!


On Friday we celebrated the Fourth of July!  At the Assembly on Friday Afternoon the counselors had a Hotdog Eating Contest.  The kids were able to watch the counselors compete to see who could eat the most hotdogs!  Also, some of the kids ate the leftover hotdogs!
































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