Week 7: Wacky Water

July 15, 2019

Happy Wacky Water Week!  The first activity that the kids played this week was a water relay at the Monday Morning Assembly.  They had to fill up a cup of water out of a bucket and then run back to their team with the cup of water on their head.  We even got some of the counselors to participate!


Also on Monday we made a Food Craft!  The kids made Submarines out of Twinkies, icing, straws and Fruit Loops.  They had so much fun making them with their friends!


Another fun activity that the kids did this week was play Tug of Water War!  Each team had to pull their side of the rope.  However, if you did not pull hard enough, then your team would fall into a pool of water!


This week everyone in camp went to The Beach Waterpark for the field trip!  K-2nd went on Tuesday, 5th-7th went on Wednesday and 3rd-4th went on Thursday. The kiddos were able to play in the wave pool, go down the water slides and hang out in the lazy river.  They were able to play with their friends and cool down at the same time!


This week 3rd grade played Hot Potato with Water Balloons!  The person who had the water balloon after the music stopped would pop the water balloon on the person to their left.  Also, 4th grade did a Water Balloon Toss!  The kiddos were able to cool down especially since last week was so hot!