Week 8: Nerf Ninja

July 22, 2019

Happy 8th week of camp!!  This week's theme was Nerf Ninja and the kiddos had a blast!!  For the first Assembly on Monday morning, the counselors went through Ninja Training.  They had to eat a smoothie bowl, do jumping jacks and push-ups, sprint to the other side of the room and participate in target practice.  Jenna from 1st grade, Gabby from 4th and Aron from 6th/7th won the competition!!





Also on Monday we made a Food Craft!!  The kids made Ninja Sushi out of Rice Krispie Treats, Swedish Fish and fruit roll-ups.  They had so much fun making different kinds of sushi!!




On Tuesday, the older kids played Mr. President!!  The object of the game is to protect the President.  The bodyguards have to protect the President and the assassins are trying to shoot the President with Nerf Guns.  If the President makes it across the room without getting shot by Nerf darts, than the President and bodyguards win.  However, if the President gets shot before making it to the other side of the room, than the assassins win!!


For the field trip this week, K-2nd went to Recreations Outlet on Tuesday!!  They played on the indoor play-sets, jumped on the trampolines and had fun shooting baskets!!


On Wednesday, 3rd and 4th had a basketball class!!  The RGB Coaches taught the kids how to shoot and dribble.  They had so much fun learning new basketball skills!!




Also on Wednesday, our LITs went to Camp Kern for their weekly field trip!!  They had a blast hiking, completing a scavenger hunt and participating in the Adventure Challenge.  It was a great team building field trip!!


 On Wednesday 5th-7th went on the field trip and on Thursday 3rd-4th went on the field trip!!  They both went to Dart Rush!!  They had an awesome time playing Nerf Dart Games and hanging out with their friends and counselors!!


 Thursday morning the kids played Nerf Gun Freeze Tag!!  They had to run around and avoid getting hit by the Nerf darts!!  If they got hit then they were frozen, but someone could tag them back into the game!!


On Friday morning, our LITs had a guest speaker!!  The LITs got to listen to Steve, the Vice President of Kids First.  He talked about Communication Skills, Mirror Neurons, Body Language and how to be a great leader.  Good job Steve!!


To end Nerf Ninja Week, we played a huge game of Ninja for the Assembly on Friday Afternoon!!  This was a great way to end the fun week!!








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