Week 9: Life-Size Games

July 29, 2019

Happy Monday! Since it's Life-Size Games Week, we played a Life-Size Game for every activity. To start off the week, the kids and the counselors played Life-Size Rock, Paper, Scissors at the Monday Morning Assembly. This kicked off the week and got the kids excited for whats to come! 




This week we had some kids attend Venture Camp!  Each day the kids would go on a field trip. They went to Kings Island on Monday, Dave and Busters on Tuesday, Adrenaline Entertainment on Wednesday and Scene75 on Thursday. The kids had so much fun riding roller coasters, bowling, playing games, winning tickets and collecting prizes!


One of the Life-Size Games that we played this week was Life-Size Monopoly! The kiddos used Life-Size Dice to move to the spots around the room. The spots represented all the places and events related to camp and Kids First. Our Activity Leader, Haley, made this game from scratch along with the help from Cathleen, Alex and Ashley!


Another Life-Size Game that we played this week was Life-Size Kerplunk! The kids had so much fun trying to pull the sticks out without letting the balls drop. Good job to Haley, Alex and Thomas for making Kerplunk from scratch!


On Wednesday our LITs volunteered at Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank! They bundled diapers, which are then given to families who need them. Also, we donated $2,000 that we collected from previous years of Coin Wars. We wanted to help an organization that has always been grateful to us for years! 


Another fun game that the kiddos played this week was Life-Size Jenga! The kids had to carefully remove a block from one of the rows and put it on top without letting the tower fall over. The tower started to get wobbly very fast!


The field trip this week was at THE WEB Extreme Entertainment! All the grades were able to go. The kids had a blast playing games, winning tickets and choosing prizes! We even had a camper hit the jackpot and win 1,202 tickets! Also, we had a couple campers get the highest score of the day on The Cliff! 


On Friday Morning, the older kids were able to play 9 Square in the Air! The object of the game was to keep the ball in the air above the sticks, but if it hits the ground or goes below the sticks, than your team has to go back to Square 1.  Square 9 is the highest and the place to be!


 To wrap up camp for the week, we had an Assembly on Friday Afternoon. The counselors and kids played Life-Size Jenga.  They had to pull out a block from the stack. Each block had a number on it and it corresponded to a different kind of food. The counselors had to eat the food that was labeled on the blocks. Some of the options included pineapple, hot salsa, oranges, fruit cocktail, marshmallows and icing! 


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