Week 12: Mission Impossible

August 16, 2019

Happy Monday and last week of camp!! It's hard to believe that summer is almost over!!  This weeks theme is Mission Impossible and the counselors had to compete in Training for the Assembly Monday Morning. They had to dress up to camouflage in and play games!!


Also on Monday, our older kids played Marshmallow River!! The kiddos had to make a path with mats but they were not able to touch the purple floor. If they touched the purple floor, than their whole team had to start over again!!


On Tuesday, the whole camp went to Coney Island for the field trip!! The kids had an awesome time going down the slides, hanging out in the pool and playing at the Typhoon Tower. Also, the kids were able to go on the kids rides and the thrill rides!! Some of the rides they rode were The Python, Airplanes and Helicopters!! It was a great last field trip to end the summer!! 


On Wednesday the older kids played Rock, Paper, Hop!! They had to hop in the hula hoops and play Rock, Paper, Scissors against the other team. The team that made it to the other side first won!!


On Thursday, Kristen at Crazy Creations came up with a craft for the kids!! They made Ninjas and Spies in honor of Mission Impossible Week. The kids used paper plates, tissue paper, google eyes, construction paper and pipe cleaners!!  


On Thursday Afternoon, 3rd-4th grade played Gladiator!! The kids had to dodge the foam blocks and run between the mats. If they got hit with a foam block then they were out and the last person standing was the Gladiator!! 


Since it is our last day of camp for the summer we decided to do a throwback of two of our camp employees!! Alex and Ashley were campers in the bottom picture and this was their last day of camp 10 years ago!! Alex was in 4th grade and Ashley was in 1st grade!! Now Alex is the LIT Coordinator and is going to be a sophomore in college!! Ashley is a 2nd grade counselor and is starting her junior year of high school!! Time really flies!!

To end our last day of camp for the summer, the kiddos had Kona Ice and went down the Slip-N-Slide!! All summer the kids have enjoyed going down the Slip-N-Slide and choosing their favorite Kona Ice flavors with their friends!! This was a great way for the kiddos to end summer and get ready for the school year!! It has been an awesome summer and good luck to everyone going back to school!! We hope to see you next summer!!


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